Front Door

The outside of a house is pretty much like a face of a person - the windows can be its eyes and the front door can be the mouth. And just how some people judge others by their looks, homes are also judged in pretty much the same way. Though you may keep your front yard clean and you doll up your windows with curtains or blinds, what welcomes visitors to your home is the front door. The front door can reflect the homeowners' tastes in interior decor and even their lifestyle, subtly giving visitors an idea of what to expect when they step into the doorway.

The front door is one of the most important parts of the home that homeowners should pay special attention to when they build a house. Here are just a few of the factors that you should think over when choosing a front door for your home.

Things to consider when choosing a front door

Front Door Design

A front door is like a statement of one's home life. If you have intricately planned interiors, a matching front door would be the perfect way to complement your style. A front door can also be accompanied by designs on the frame called sidelights. Whether you're living in a classic Victorian-style house or in a home designed with modern minimalism in mind, it pays right to install a door that goes with the whole house.

Front Door Security

Aesthetics aside, the front door should also be very secure so as to provide the necessary protection for your home and your family. Though you may equip a normal front door with extra locks and security measures, burglars may still find a way to get around these. There is a wide range of security front door options for homeowners to choose from. Security front door options give homeowners the assurance of protection through reinforced parts such as locks, hinges and even the material used.

Cost of the Front door

The cost of a front door actually depends on the materials it is made from. Add to that other features such as locks, door knobs and handles and you got yourself a pretty hefty price to pay. However, this one-time splurge on the cost of the front door is money well spent if only to think about the benefit of security that you can get from it.

Weather-proof front door

If you happen to live in an area that is damp and rainy all year round, a front door made of soft wood may not last long. Dry and hot weather can also affect certain types of doors. A good investment would be to purchase a front door made of non-shrinking material such as metal. Another good option is to purchase a front door that is weather and hurricane proof.