Timber Door

A door made of real solid wood is called a timber door. A timber door is suitable for front door use, as its thickness is a great protection against trespassers and even the weather elements. However, through the years, other types of doors made from different materials have eclipsed the timber door in popularity. Nonetheless, a timber door is still a great accent for the home, whether used as an exterior or interior door.

Types of timber door

Exterior Door

A timber door is ideal for use as a main door. It's solid craftsmanship belies a sturdy nature that protects the home and the inhabitants from unwanted visitors and even home burglars. A timber door is usually made from a thick slab of timber. Different kinds of woods are used when making a timber door. Teak is one of the strongest kinds of wood used in making a timber door.

Front doors are usually priced a little heftier than most other doors as these are often made to be sturdier. A timber door for the exterior is also a bit on the expensive side. However, the benefit of having security is worth the price you pay for an exterior timber door. The price of an exterior timber door also depends on the type of wood used on it. The design and craftsmanship on an exterior timber door also contributes to its pricing. A timber door used as an exterior door allows the homeowners to express their creativity and their preferences in home decor. Many home and interior designs and styles could also make use of a timber door. A timber door can be intricately carved for an Oriental theme or be decorated with simple lines for a clean and utilitarian look.

Interior Door

As an interior door, a timber door can also be functional and decorative at the same time. A timber door used indoors would probably be found sealing off entrances to bedrooms, the bathroom and even a storage room. The kind of wood used in an interior timber door however, can differ much with a timber door used as an exterior door in terms of weight and even grade. Since interior doors are meant to just provide privacy yet still be easy to open, a timber door used indoors can be made of lightweight types of wood. Other materials such as glass, aluminum, iron and even fiberglass may be combined with a timber door used indoors and can come very cheap.